A passion linked to a whole family

Decades after decades, we have selected the best young vine plants thus enabling nature to offer us the best of our vineyard of twelve hectares situated on the Terroir of Les Riceys.

There have been three successive generations of wine growers LAMOUREUX. Vintage after Vintage, the harvest celebrate all the years they have devoted to their work.

When my grandfather René LAMOUREUX planted his first vine plant in 1947, he didn’t know it was the starting point of the Champagne LAMOUREUX.

Afterwards, Jean-Jacques as a real self-taught man has developed the wines with passion and has permitted his champagnes to reach the highest quality level acknowledged.

Today, between tradition and modernity, the œnologist Vivien LAMOUREUX perpetuates the family dynasty by preserving the skills and the search for excellence.

 My vine plants, my wines and my champagnes are being worked with great respect every day in order to give the best to the wines and champagnes of Les Riceys.

Each bottle leaves the cellar with both the signature of its wine grower and that of the terroir it was born in.