Cuvée Alexandrine

Blanc de Blancs, Vintage 2009 – French Top Quality Wine Champagne (AOC)

Invite a noble Chardonnay to your table

  • Sight:

The golden color with silvery reflections reveals the Chardonnay identity of this vintage. We can imagine the roundness of this champagne and watch the fine bubbles from which the on-surface crackling releases aromas.

  • Nose:

The first contact with this wine is mineral notably by these aromas of gun-flint regularly found on chardonnays stemming from exceptional terroir.

After a short aeration, the wine opens intensely on aromas found in bakery such as the brioche, the butter and even the roasted almond. These greedy notes are relieved by a fine and flattering exotic fruity, evoking the mango and the litchi.

This wine is an olfactory trip in France which takes us since the greed of a bakery to the flowers of the scrubland with mimosa flavors.

  • Mouth:

The mouth is tactile, in well-rounded, she flatters the wine taster by her brioche and fruity aromas. A tension mineral confers freshness and aromatic obstinacy.

Between refreshing and sweetness, the final offers aromas of gingerbread and licorice.

  • Wine pairings:

This Champagne Blanc de Blanc constitutes a safe bet for your receptions. Its lushness is a guarantee to accompany a fish in sauce, for example a steak of salmon coated from sauce to the sorrel, a delight.