Rosé des Riceys

French Top Quality Wine Rosé des Riceys (AOC)

  • Sight:

The wine wears a steady and sensational pink dress, in the reflections ruby, brilliant with thick tears.

  • Nose:

The nose is open and presents a large numbers of smells with intense fruity aromas of blackberry, currant and black cherry.

Real delights for the lover of red berries, the Morello cherry or the blackcurrant liquor are the best descriptors for the second nose, after aeration.

The nutmeg and the almond paste are a part of the incredible aromatic panel of this wine.

  • Mouth:

The mouth develop a generous attack supported by a freshness everything in unctuousness. The concentration and the greedy fruit are carried by a tender mouth.

In well-rounded, it’s the delicacies which claim a course of choice.

  • Wine pairings:

”One quail roasted in Blueberries either a salmon smoke with pink berries and currants jelly. The envy that is what managed me towards this recipe. The aromas of the wine join those of the course; papillae also will be in accordance with him”.  

By Philippe Defleur, the Former wine steward of the Plazza Athénée, 3 Michelin stars and La Tour d’Argent, 1 Michelin star as well as Le Palais de l’Élysée.