This champagne is stemming from the three grape varieties: Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier in equal proportion.Trilogie-HD

Each grape variety comes from a single plot of land selected specifically to make this exceptional bottle, this Terroir are :

– Valigné, a Pinot Noir vine of 50 years old situated on a very old Terroir known since one millenium for his capicity to produce great wine (discover by the monks of Molesme abbey aroud 1100 ap J-C).

– Alexandrine, a Chardonnay vine of 20 years situated on the highest terroir of Les Riceys  : « Le Domaine Alexandrine » at 310 meters in height.

– Dodelot, a tiny Pinot Meunier terroir of 1,5ha.


After one year in oak barrels, we keep the bottles 5 years on laths before riddling and disgorging them. This process on the famous terroir of Les Riceys guarantees a champagne of exception.


Sight :

This champagne exposes his maturity acquired by 4 years of ageing in bottle by his color of golden yellow supported by silvery reflections. We can observe tears around the glass revealing the roundness of this wine.

Nose : 

The first smell is fine and delicate, it evokes the honey and the bakery with notes of very ripe fruits such as the raspberry or the cherry not without reminding the Morello cherry.

After a few seconds, the nose opens on spices by the licorice, the cinnamon and the vanilla betraying very subtly its beautiful aromatic maturity acquired in oak barrel.

Mouth :

The first touch is elegant, well balanced with a very silky contact. We refund the complex aromatic perceived by the nose.

The pleasant finale reveals the structure and the fullness of this wine. This smooth mouth is refreshing by mark of grapefruit at the end of tasting.

Wine pairings :

Any doubt, this vintage was made to accompany you during a gastronomic meal.
The greedy and long mouth of this wine will become allied perfectly with the unctuousness of a fried foie gras coated by jelly of wine of champagne.

Its balance and its complexity could require a marriage with a fine white fish or with a poultry roasted served with morels.